20 Things You’ll Never Understand If You Don’t Have ADHD

1. We’re normal: we look like everyone else and we try just as hard as everyone else. We don’t need additional help in school (errrrrr maybe extra time to finish our work). We can take tests without accommodations. Try not to automatically label us please. We just have a hard time focusing and completing our school work, but it doesn’t make us incompetent. Please no haters.

2. Flakiness: No, we’re not flaking on you on purpose. We genuinely forgot that we made plans with you. We don’t have commitment problems. I once had a friend say to me, “Damn girl, are you a croissant? Because you are so flaky!” Well, I’m sorry! I love you a lot but I accidentally made plans with five other people at the same time that night too, on accident.

3. Attention: We get distracted. We’re not doing it on purpose. But it’s like our brain is an I Spy book and everything is just so interesting and we want to pay attention to it all.

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