Life with Trigeminal Neuralgia — the ‘Suicide Disease’

What exactly is Trigeminal Neuralgia?

The brain is connected to the body by the spinal cord with spinal nerves sending and receiving impulses and messages to and from the brain. However, there are twelve cranial nerves that directly connect to the body and one of them is the Trigeminal nerve. It is named so because it has three (tri) branches responsible for face sensation.

The trigeminal nerve sends messages from the face to the brain. Usually, it works perfectly fine. So much so that you might not even be aware of its existence. There is no particular reason as to how and why it stops working the way it should. For me, its an overlapping of a nerve on my trigeminal nerve due to which the sensations from my face turn to pain signals while they reach my brain.

This nerve has three branches on both the sides of your face — one that runs through your temple, above your eye and around your forehead, one that runs through your cheek, upper jaw, gums and teeth and one that runs through your lower jaw, teeth and gums.

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