5 Truths Anyone Living With Bipolar Disorder Needs To Hear

1. It’s okay to ask for help. If I had never asked for help, I wouldn’t still be here today. If I didn’t wake up after the morning of my first suicide attempt and called the doctor immediately, pouring out all of the events of the night before and the reasons over the years I felt that maybe, just maybe, I was bipolar, I wouldn’t be here writing any of this. If I didn’t reach out to friends and family when my lows were getting too low or my highs were getting too high that I was about to endanger myself and those around me, I wouldn’t be here right now. The idea of asking for help may seem to some like giving up, like wimping out, like not being strong enough, but I’ve learned that asking for help is sometimes the strongest—and hardest—thing I can do, and that’s okay.

2. Acknowledge your emotions, and don’t try to hide them. It’s okay to feel like the world is ending when it’s not, just like it’s okay to feel like the world is completely yours…to some extent. I’ve learned that bottling up the emotions I feel isn’t healthy. I’m an emotional being, and I need to let the emotions out. The longer they’re pent up, the harder it becomes to begin to control them and the harder it is for myself and others to help me. Just because I’m bipolar, it doesn’t mean that my emotions and feelings aren’t real.

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