17 Connections Between A Narcissist And Their Victim With Anxiety Disorder

10. A narcissist will resort to name calling while someone with anxiety will analyze if it’s true what they said.

When they have nothing else to use, unkind words hurt like hell but their acid tongue doesn’t stop until they see they’ve completely broke you.

Someone with anxiety disorder won’t sit there and say ‘I didn’t deserve this.’ They will say ‘what did I do to cause them to lash out at me.’

11. A narcissist will ruin holidays or celebrations looking for any reason to be unhappy. While someone with anxiety thrives on trying to please someone who will never be happy.

Do you ever notice how on most days when everyone else is happy, this person somehow ruins it diverting the attention back to themselves? They want everyone to be focused on them and they will do anything to steal the spotlight. While someone with anxiety disorder is the peacemaker and will do everything in their power to calm the situation even if it means compromising their self-respect.

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