What’s This Got to do With Mental Health?

Do you remember trying to fit in with the other kids at high school? I know everyone experiences things like this to a certain degree, but can you imagine being ridiculously, comically bad at every single lesson or activity you ever had to participate in? Here are a few of the things that marked me out as different whilst at school.

  • Being unable to dress myself properly – not being able to do up my own tie, button my shirt or tie my shoes well, sometimes putting items of clothing on backwards and not realising
  • Writing in a nearly illegible, child-like scrawl due to struggling to hold a pen properly
  • Dropping or breaking things regularly due to poor motor skills
  • Forgetting people’s names or faces because of poor short term memory
  • Walking into walls or desks due to a lack of coordination

I could list plenty more examples, but the above gives a general idea. To put it simply, I was (and still am, to a degree) a clumsy, forgetful, overall inept young man. And being pretty bad at everything naturally leads to a loss of confidence. That’s what I mean about dyspraxia being a bully. It’s like someone standing over your shoulder making sure you can’t do anything you’d like to. It’s hard, especially as a kid, to practice at any given thing for days and days and still not be anywhere near as good as your classmates were on their first go.

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