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When I left school, I found that work was just as hard as school. I got fired from one office temp job because my boss thought I was being lazy when I hadn’t been able to fold letters and put them into envelopes quickly enough.

I got in trouble at other jobs too when I would forget how to perform simple tasks or mess something up with my terrible motor skills. I became very anxious, convinced I was unemployable, good for nothing.


(Un)Coordinated Efforts

I’m 25 years old now. I’ve tried really hard to improve myself, to get around all the obstacles dyspraxia puts in my way. I’ve held down a job as a medical typist for more than a year (even if I did spill my boss’s cup of coffee over a stack of important documents). This year, I achieved a longstanding dream of mine to play for an 11 a side football team!

Me (on right) with Village Manchester 1st XI

But dyspraxia is still here and it’s still looking over my shoulder and saying you can’t do that. I have a huge aversion to doing things I’ve struggled with in the past. It sounds ridiculous, but I’m absolutely terrified of say, changing the oil on my car, or cooking anything other than pasta. Because, rightly or wrongly, I know I’ll get it wrong. I’ll do things in the wrong order or miss out a step or mess it up some other way.

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